Make a budget It’s one of the best ways to save moneyHowever, not all people have the time or simply don’t enjoy doing them, so what do the experts recommend?

Organizing finances

There are other ways to manage money without resorting to the traditional spreadsheet, and to do this Bank of America advises people to be completely confident that their needs are being met.

The next step, while it may involve applying math, isn’t as complicated as it seems: The first thing you need to do is write down all the usual monthly expenses, such as the mortgage payment, rent, utilities, insurance, and utilities. .

Once you have this list, move on to calculating necessary monthly expenses, such as transportation and food. Once this is done, the usual expenses and the necessary expenses are added to have a reference point of the expenses that need to be covered per month.

To pay monthly bills, it is also advisable to set a calendar alert a few days before the set date that will remind you of this responsibility.

Tips for saving if you earn little money

Another simpler option is to schedule automatic payments on the bank’s website; From there you can link the payment to utilities, lenders, and in some cases even the landlord. The money is debited from the bank account or debited directly from the credit card.

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How to save