In the United States, especially in South Carolina, a curious order for a military aircraft has been launched in recent hours.

It concerns the American army, which has asked the population for help in finding an expensive plane that disappeared on Sunday afternoon after the pilot of an F-35 fighter plane was shot out of the sky. So the Charleston Air Force Base asked for help finding her.

“If you have any information that could help our rescue teams locate the F-35, please call the base Defense Operations Center,” the military installation wrote in X.

Base officials said they, in coordination with federal aviation regulators, conducted search operations around two lakes north of Charleston.

The reason that led to the pilot ejecting has not yet been detailed. The F-35B Lightning II is a variant that has a short take-off and vertical landing.

It was deployed for combat in Afghanistan in 2018. The aircraft belongs to one of the training squadrons.

Until Monday afternoon, authorities were certain the plane was no longer in the air, even though it had been for some time. (JO)