The study of unknown abnormal phenomena (UAP) promotes the POT. The entity published this Thursday the report of a study conducted since June last year, with the aim of ‘discovering the secrets of the universe’.

Sixteen experts with experience in science, technology, artificial intelligence, space exploration and space security formed the independent research team, commissioned by the National Aeronautics and Space Administrationto develop the research.

The urgency of this investigation arises from recent news about UFO sightings (unidentified flying objects) and sworn testimonies.

Many credible witnesses, often military pilots, have reported seeing objects over U.S. airspace that they did not recognize.. “The majority of these events have since been explained, but a small handful cannot immediately be identified as natural or man-made phenomena,” the report’s introduction states.

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NASA needs to collect data

When it comes to UAPs, The challenge for NASA is that no data is needed to explain these anomalies.. This includes eyewitness accounts, which may be interesting and convincing in themselves, but are not reproducible and usually lack the information necessary to draw definitive conclusions about the origins of the phenomenon.

Therefore, the independent team’s goal was to provide NASA with information on what possible data is available to collect and how the agency can help shed light on the origin and nature of these anomalous events, which are considered a “threat to the safety’. of US airspace.”

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Because NASA cannot yet determine the true origins of all unidentified anomalous phenomena, the study provides recommendations on how to improve its data collection capabilities.

“Currently, The detection of UAPs is usually incidental and captured by sensors not designed or calibrated for this purpose. and that they do not have complete metadata. (…) This means that the origins of numerous UAPs remain uncertain,” the report added, indicating that Sensors that use multispectral or hyperspectral data need to be developed.

One factor that could deepen NASA’s investigation is that it will have to work with the Federal Aviation Administration and other government agencies to get the data it needs.

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Also, “It is essential to establish a more robust and systematic framework and data repository for UAP reporting. This is especially true for civilian reports.”

How the study of unidentified abnormal phenomena will continue

Many of NASA’s science missions focus, at least in part, on answering the question of whether life exists beyond Earth.“, the report reads.

According to Bill Nelsonthe administrator of the space agency, will establish a department specialized in the study of unidentified anomalous phenomena, to determine the origin of ‘anomalies in the air’.

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We will use artificial intelligence and machine learning to look for anomalies in the sky and continue to search for habitability.“Nelson explained it at the press conference.

And although until now no explicit evidence has been found for an extraterrestrial origin of the UAPsNASA believes that if the unidentified anomalous phenomena are believed to be of extraterrestrial origin, these objects must have traveled through our solar system to get here.

“There is an intellectual continuity between extrasolar technosignatures, the SETI solar system, and potentially unknown alien technology operating in Earth’s atmosphere,” the study concludes. (JO)