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Wireless headphones called the replacement of the hearing aid

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iScience: Apple headphones can be used as a replacement for a hearing aid

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Scientists have seen an alternative to expensive hearing aids – these are headphones. The study was published in the journal iScience.

An international team of scientists tested Apple’s popular headphones and compared them to medical hearing aids. During the study, the authors found that wireless headsets can partially replace medical equipment for patients diagnosed with hearing loss.

The specialists invited 21 adult patients diagnosed with mild to moderate hearing loss. Participants in the study tested several Apple headphones and compared them to a $10,000 professional hearing aid. Scientists have found that cheap AirPods 2 can hardly be called a replacement for a hearing aid, but the device can be useful for people with minor health problems. More expensive AirPods Pro can be used by patients with severe hearing problems, doctors say.

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The material says that the Live Listen function on AirPods Pro allows you to eliminate extraneous noise and increase the volume of the interlocutor’s voice. According to Yen-Fu Cheng, co-author of the study from Taiwan, headphones can not completely replace professional equipment, but they can make life easier for the hard of hearing. The specialist stressed that hearing aids are not very popular due to the high cost and social stigmatization.

Earlier, otolaryngologist Anton Rizaev said that listening to music with headphones at full volume will damage the inner ear. Rizaev noted that loud music at concerts, shooting from firearms, industrial equipment can also provoke health problems.

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