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China. Protests and riots at the largest iPhone factory in the world. “Pay us”

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Riots broke out at the facilities of the Taiwanese company Foxconn in the city of Zhengzhou in eastern China. It is the world’s largest factory producing iPhones (Foxconn is an Apple subcontractor), which reportedly employs around 200,000 people. people.

Protests followed by clashes with the police. “Pay us”

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The protests began on Wednesday and were joined by hundreds or thousands of workers. The recordings published on the network show that some people destroyed m.in. surveillance cameras and broke windows, and clashed with law enforcement in white protective suits and the police.

The immediate cause of the protests are probably delays in the payment of bonuses promised to employees. On the recordings, some employees shout “pay us” – the Agency points out that it was unable to independently verify the recordings published on the Internet showing the protests in Zhengzhou.

The protesters are also to complain about poor accommodation conditions and even the need to live with employees infected with the coronavirus. Some people claimed that the company locks employees in quarantine and does not provide them with food.

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Quoted by Reuters, Foxconn, however, declares that it fulfills its financial obligations to employees, and calls reports of poor accommodation conditions “untrue”. Apple did not comment on the matter.

that in late October there was a mass flight of workers from the Zhengzhou plant due to the increasing number of cases of coronavirus infection and due to ill-treatment. Foxconn responded by trying to persuade them to stay by raising salaries or promising bonus payments. He also hired new people.

Due to the extremely restrictive covid policy in China, the factory in Zhengzhou was also isolated from the rest of this city of almost seven million. The staff not only works but also lives on the premises. As the British broadcaster notes, some new hires complain that for this reason they have been closed together with employees who recently fell ill with Covid.

A Reuters source said the protests had not affected the pace of production at the plant, which makes the vast majority of all iPhones produced. Foxconn is responsible for the total production of as much as 70 percent. all Apple smartphones. In early November, however, the US company said it expected reduced deliveries due to production disruptions in Zhengzhou.

Source: Gazeta

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