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Orlen is increasing charging prices, but hardly anyone will feel this change. There are practically no electric cars in Poland

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The new price list is valid from Tuesday, November 22. Orlen has introduced four price categories instead of the previous three:

  • Alternating current (AC) – PLN 1.61/kWh;
  • Direct current (DC) below 50 kW – PLN 2.30/kWh;
  • DC from 50 to 125 kW – PLN 2.47/kWh;
  • DC over 125 kW – 2.72 PLN/kWh.
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Such rates mean an increase of 30-35 percent. compared to the previous price list.

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The cost of parking will be more favorable. The fee is still 34 gr/min, but will be charged 2 hours later for stations with only AC connectors – instead of 10, it is after 12 hours. In the case of stations with AC and DC connections, fees are charged after an hour’s parking, in stations with only DC connection – after 45 minutes.

Orlen raises charging prices for electric cars, but so what?

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For Poles, oil prices and prices at stations are still much more important. The number of electric vehicles is very low. , in September 2022 we had only 51 percent. of them were hybrids.

In the first 8 months of this year, that number has increased by about a third. Theoretically, there are grounds for moderate optimism regarding the share of electricians in the market in the coming years. This illusion, however, disappears when you look at

In the first quarter of 2022, ACEA data showed that electrics accounted for only 2.2 percent. in this category.

This is one of the worst results in . Behind us are only Cyprus, the Czech Republic and Slovakia. However, there are countries where information on car charging prices would occupy the headlines of portals, as often as information on fuel prices does in Poland. In Norway, as much as 83 percent. of new cars are electric. Iceland, second on the list, exceeds 40 percent, and Sweden, third, reaches 30 percent.

From 2035, only electrics from the salon

The number of electric cars is already growing, but a real boom can be expected in 12 years. .

Source: Gazeta

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