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Keys for brands that want to connect with their customers during the shopping season

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From taking advantage of the best Black Friday deals to booking flights for the holidays, this season can be very stressful for shoppers. In 2022, people hope to re-embrace the traditions they have modified in recent years. However, how they travel, where they shop, and what they buy can be influenced by the economy and other forces of change.

To help businesses prepare for the holiday season, the IBM Institute for Business Value (IBV) surveyed more than 12,000 consumers in August 2022. Based on the study, IBM recommends five ways brands can leverage artificial intelligence to connect with people and help them enjoy their celebrationsno matter how your plans change.

1. Target the right customers without the need for cookies

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Although the shopping season started early this year, there are still people who have not finalized their gift lists, nor their travel plans. Quickly convert data into insights to support the execution of commercial strategies is key so that companies can offer people what they are looking for with greater precision, from new product features to in-store deals.

2. Personalize and differentiate both products and services

Nearly 7 out of 10 consumers will choose brands or retailers that offer free cancellations, order changes and returns this season. Customizing policies, unique products, and relevant services to meet shopper demands can be an ace up your sleeve. when speaking directly with them, optimize each interaction and differentiate yourself from the competition

3. Reward and incentivize customers to build loyalty

While people’s needs are sometimes complex, change over time, or vary, different segments, discount programs, and other loyalty strategies allow customers to retailers and to travel companies, to attract and retain new and existing customers, especially in the non-essential and luxury segments.

4. Plan for the unexpected

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Even in the midst of economic uncertainty, companies must make contingency plans to take advantage of new market opportunities. Building capabilities to allow for flexibility and adaptability are key. For this, it is essential to increase the visibility of inventory, enable ways to reallocate products and respond to interruptions and changes with rapid decision making.

5. Emphasize sustainability

Sustainability continues to be a top priority for people globally: 37% said sustainability will significantly affect their purchasing decisions. Identifying purpose-driven people and providing viable ways to connect with sustainable initiatives helps earn their loyalty, as well as the benefit to the company moving forward on that path.

There is still time to give people one more reason to celebrate: Great shopping experiences, brands connected to your interests, personalization, purchase incentives, and inventory resilient to disruption. And the time to act is now, as the window to reach buyers this season is closing.

Source: Eluniverso

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