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Pokemon #1000 Revealed. It debuted on Friday after the premiere of Pokemon Scarlet & Violet

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debuted in 1996. Since then, the series of games has enjoyed unflagging popularity. For the first one, 151 creatures were created. In subsequent editions, their list was expanded. After 26 years with the release of Pokemon Scarlet & Violet on November 18, the number of Pokemon increased to 1008 –

1000. Pokemon is Gholdengo

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The thousandth number on the Pokemon list went to Gholdengo. Its name is an obvious reference to gold, which is the creature’s attribute. IGN thinks the Pokemon looks like a cereal character, but to me it looks more like giant inflatable balloons that bend and break in every direction when the wind blows them.

Gholdengo is the evolution of Gimmighoul, a ghost Pokemon that haunts treasure chests. To transform into the 1,000th Pokemon, players must collect 1,000 Gimmighoul Coins. According to the Pokedex (Pokemon database) entry, all of these make up Gholdengo’s body, which makes a lot of sense since his previous form is a spirit, so he doesn’t have a physical body.

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The premiere of Pokemon Scarlet & Violet

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According to tradition, the new Pokemon version appeared in two versions. In Scarlet, the new Legendary Pokemon is Koraidon. People who decided to buy Pokemon Violet will be able to get Miraodon.

In this generation, three Pokemon can be selected at the beginning of the game as standard: Sprigatito the Grass Cat, Fuecoco the Fire Crocodile and Quaxly the Water Duckling.

The production is only available on Switch. Its average rating on Metacritic is 77/100 points.

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