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Molly Russell landmark ruling: Social media contributed to the death of a 14-year-old

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On Friday, September 30, the investigation into the death of Molly Russell of Harrow in North West London was completed. A 14-year-old girl committed suicide in November 2017.

Great Britain. The London coroner said: Social media contributed to the death of the teenager

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Teen’s father, Ian Russell, accused the owner and Instagram, the company, of leading the 14-year-old “crazy on the trail of life-filling content.” According to “”, the investigation found that in November 2017 the girl watched a large amount of content related to self-harm, depression and suicide on Instagram and Pinterest. As we read, the management of Meta and Pinterest apologized for the content shown to the teenagers.

On Friday, London Coroner Andrew Walker ruled that the girl had died “from self-harm and depression” due to the negative effects of online content. As he reported, the algorithms provided the 14-year-old with content that she did not ask for, and “romanticized” self-harm and discouraged her from seeking professional help. It is the world’s first ruling to recognize social media as a factor of death.

“It’s likely that the above footage watched by Molly, who is depressed and vulnerable because of her age, had a negative effect on her and contributed more than minimal to her death,” Walker said.

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Meta and Pinterest have commented on the verdict on Molly Russell’s death

As we read, a spokesman for Meta said the company’s thoughts are with the Russell family and those affected by “this tragic death”. He also added that the company would look at the coroner’s report. The spokesman said the company “is committed to making continuous improvements to ensure the platform is safe for all.” He also added that the coroner’s report would be carefully scrutinized.

In the last six months of her life, Molly Russell watched more than 16,000 content, of which more than 2,000 were about suicide, self-harm and depression. On the Pinterest board, there was supposed to be a compilation of 469 images with content on this topic.

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