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Not only GTA VI. Here are the biggest game leaks in history. CD Projekt was also approachable [TOPtech]

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Rockstar, however, is neither the first nor the only developer to face such a scandal. Here are five other big leaks that rocked the video game world.

5. Mass Effect 3

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The leakage of information about the game is not always the result of evil hackers’ actions. This was the case with Mass Effect 3, for examplethe final installment of the cosmic trilogy from the Bioware studio.

In November 2011, someone, possibly a Microsoft employee, accidentally posted a beta version of the new Mass Effect on Xbox Live, which was intended only for internal testing.

Although the slip-up was quickly noticed, the milk has already spilled. The web boiled and swarmed with game screenshots as well as plot and gameplay details.

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Bioware decided to turn this disaster into something good. The creators listened to the comments from the players and used them to improve the final version of the game.

Has it been possible? Yes and no. Although Mass Effect 3, released in 2012, received very good reviews, many – if not most – players – to this day, cannot forgive Bioware’s controversial ending.

4. The Last of Us: Part II

The success of the first installment of The Last of Us meant that the expectations for the sequel were enormous, and players hungry for all information about the new production of Naughty Dog.

However, even the most impatient did not count on the fact that a month before the premiere, someone would publish the details of the game scenario along with some powerful spoilers. And in doing so, it will ruin everyone’s fun.

Perhaps the leak itself would not have caused so much confusion if it had not been for the disclosure of several controversial plot decisions regarding key characters.

All this meant that a few weeks before the premiere, the discussion around the second installment of The Last of Us was dominated by pointless quarrels about spoilers. Fortunately, the game by Naughty Dog later defended its artistic value and sales bars.

3. The Witcher 3

The creators of The Witcher 3 also had to deal with a very serious data leak. In 2014, less than a year before the game’s premiere, someone hacked into a gmail account of one of CD Projekt Red’s employees, and then gained access to files stored on a Google Drive.

The hacker found a vein of gold, because there were documents with information about the plot of the game, possible endings, a detailed map of the world or a bestiary.

It was a real blow to the game’s developers, who were struggling with delays and numerous production problems anyway. Fortunately – after initial difficulties – The Witcher 3 finally turned out to be an outstanding game and is still considered one of the best RPGs in the history of this genre.

2. Cyberpunk 2077

For CD Projekt, however, this was only the beginning of the hacker problems. In 2021, after the not very successful premiere of Cyberpunk 2077, there was a very serious hack into the company’s servers

Hackers not only stole the source code of The Witcher 3, Gwent and the Cyberpunk itself, but also encrypted some of the data placed on the servers, demanding that the “Reds” pay a ransom.

The Polish studio decided, however, not to negotiate with terrorists. As a result, the source code of Gwent found its way to the network, and hackers put up the code for other games for sale.

Apparently, someone found this data and was supposed to buy it in the darknet for the amount of several million dollars. However, this is information that cannot be confirmed in any way.

In 2021, CD Projekt confirmed that the data stolen by hackers was circulating around the network, and the company is cooperating with law enforcement agencies to detect the perpetrators. To this day, however, we do not know if anyone suffered the consequences for this attack.

1. Half Life 2

After the great reception by players of the first installment of Half-Life, the sequel seemed to be a matter of course. However, Valve Studio did not intend to rush the game’s premiere, sending players a clear message: Half-Life 2 will be ready when … it is ready.

However, Axel Gembe, a teenager from Germany and a big fan of the series, could not come to terms with this fact.

Using his Gembe skills, he gained access to Valve’s internal network and stole information about Half-Life 2, as well as an early build of the game, which was later uploaded online by one of his colleagues.

The youngster turned out to be so bold that he even contacted Gab Newell, founder of Valve. He – already in contact with the FBI – offered the teenager a job in his company. It was a ruse to find out about the unruly hacker and lure him to the US where he could be arrested.

Ultimately, Axel Gembe was arrested by the German police. He spent two weeks in custody and then received a suspended sentence. However, it was a painful lesson for Valve. It is estimated that the leak cost the company up to $ 250 million.

Source: Gazeta

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