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Ecuador, among the 30 countries with the most videos deleted on TikTok

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The TikTok platform published its second community compliance report, revealing the number of accounts removed and the respective reasons, as well as the countries with the most videos removed in the quarter (April to June).

TikTok noted that they combine technology and human management to identify content that violates policies.

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“Leveraging machine learning has been especially effective in countering harmful misinformation. We expanded our ability to rapidly iterate on our systems given the rapidly changing nature of disinformation, especially during a crisis or event (for example, the war in Ukraine or an election). We also improved our ability to detect known misleading audio and images to reduce manipulated content on the platform,” the report explained.

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At the country level, TikTok highlighted that Ecuador is among the 30 that most videos were deleted. In total there were 981,837 videos, of which 98.2% were due to proactive removal, that is, identifying and removing an infringing video before users report it, 94.9% was due to “removal with zero views”, which is delete the video after it was posted but before anyone saw it and 94.9% were deleted within 24 hours of posting.

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The countries with the most videos removed are the United States (over 17 million) and Pakistan (with 15 million). Brazil, Mexico, Colombia and Peru are also on the list.

Similarly, in this second semester there were more than 59 million accounts removed from the platform, of which more than 20 million were suspected of belonging to children under 13 years of age, while 30 million were false.

“We have implemented measures to hide law enforcement actions from malicious actors and thus prevent them from learning about our detection capabilities. In this way, the number of spam accounts blocked at the time of registration decreased and the number of fake accounts removed increased.

Within the TikTok rules is that the minimum age to open an account is 13 years. (YO)

Source: Eluniverso

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