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Revolut victim of a cyber attack. Data leaked 50,000 users. Including Poles

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is an application that provides wide access to financial tools that allow for savings, investments, exchanges, as well as online payments or in stationary stores using a physical card or using a mobile card. Therefore, data leakage could be very dangerous for users.

Revolut a victim of cybercrime

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“We recently received a highly targeted third party from an unauthorized third party that may have accessed certain information for a short period of time,” Revolut reported in an email statement to its affected customers, quoted by

One employee of the company is responsible for all the confusion, who fell for the so-called . This scam involves impersonating a person or institution in order to obtain sensitive data. As a result, cybercriminals managed to intercept the data of 50,144 people. confirmed that they were also in this group.

You can read more information from Poland at

Revolut user data leaked

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however, the leaked data concerns usernames, surnames, e-mail addresses, and telephone numbers, as well as information about transactions. However, Revolut ensures that card details and passwords have been protected. Application users can therefore be calm about their savings.

“We immediately identified and isolated the attack to drastically limit its impact and contacted those affected customers who did not receive the email, were not affected,” said a Revolut spokesman, quoted by www.cybernews .com.

According to “The Times”, the data leakage took place on September 11 at night, but the news about it has been in the media only for a few days. At the time of the attack, application users also started getting strange -yes from Revolut with a malicious link. However, the company ensures that it never reports problems with the account in this way. So it was probably another phishing attempt.

Source: Gazeta

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