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Central Register of Voters already during the next elections? The Chancellery of the Prime Minister begins to operate

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it aims to help citizens in voting, officials – in the organization, and election commissions – to conduct elections, and to increase the safety of voting itself, the government says. announced that it has taken the first steps to introduce the new system.

Central Register of Voters. The government is striving to introduce it

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“The Chancellery of the Prime Minister sent for working consultations with representatives of local government, through the Joint Government and Territorial Commission, the draft amendment to the Electoral Code providing for the creation of the Central Register of Voters” – we read in the government.

The Central Register of Voters is to replace the scattered registers of voters used to compile lists of voters and to simplify or eliminate a large part of “paperwork”. Currently, there is no data exchange between distributed voter registers. This means that changing the place of voting takes time due to numerous formalities in both local governments. ensures that thanks to the CRW, citizens will be able to change the voting place easier and faster.

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Central Register of Voters – what is it about?

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“Due to the time-consuming process and the accumulation of applications before the elections in the previous years, it posed a high risk of not considering all citizens’ applications for inclusion in the voter lists for the duration of voting, so that they could vote in the indicated place” – explains the Chancellery of the Prime Minister.

In order to be included in the electoral roll, after introducing the system, it is enough to register for permanent residence or to join the voting circuit. The government even published a model of what the Central Register of Voters could look like. []

Central Register of Voters – mockup https://www.gov.pl

Central Register of Voters – when will it be introduced?

However, the date of launching the Central Register of Voters is not yet known. The Chancellery of the Prime Minister reports that it will be announced in the Journal of Laws by the Prime Minister, after the necessary technical works are completed. The National Electoral Office and analysts from the Central Information Technology Center have been working on the project for a year. However, reports that it will not be introduced until 2025 during the elections.

“The introduction of the Central Register of Voters in Poland may be the beginning of extensive reforms of the electoral law, especially in terms of the use of alternative methods of voting, making it easier for voters to vote” – he explains.

The opposition, however, is cautious about this idea. “” reports that politicians are wondering what the aim of this project might be. If making it easier for Poles to participate in elections and enabling them to vote online in the future – they will be in favor. Doubts are related to a possible lock-in for postponing the local elections.

Source: Gazeta

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