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eInvoicing hacked. Government service disabled. “After two months. At the CHARLIE-CRP grade”

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Unknown took over the account of one of the employees of the government website and with the help of this account he published or replaced information in several languages, e.g. about free websites for adults. The hacker, using the employee’s account, added nearly 700 entries. This information was not visible on the home page of the eInvoicing website, but still remains visible to Google and is indexed in the search engine – writes the website.

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You can read more about cyber threats on the home page

Cyber ​​attack on eInvoicing. Two hacker attacks, including from Indonesia “for Bjorka”

As we read, the first entry was dated June 2021. “This does not mean that someone’s SEO background has been hanging on the government website for over a year. The content of real news may have been replaced recently (or backdated)” – writes Niebezpiecznik.pl. The entries had been there for at least two months.

Then it turned out that the eFaktura portal was also hacked by Indonesian hackers – in retaliation for “Bjorka”. This cyber attack took place on September 14. “Bjorka is a hacker who hacked the Indonesian government (and made their data public). In his Twitter profile, he had the location set to Warsaw, which does not mean that he is actually Polish, but as you can see, the Indonesians did not penetrate it too much” – explains Niebezpiecznik .pl.

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“Everything looks like a typical SEO back office, that is, the use of a hijacked website for positioning third-party websites” – we read.

EInvoicing service is turned off. “Someone finally pulled the plug. After two months. With the CHARLIE-CRP grade.”

The government said late Tuesday evening that access to eInvoices will be temporarily disabled. “We know about the security incident on the website of the Ministry of Development and Technology. Access to the eInvoicing website will be temporarily disabled. After completing the activities, we will publish a report on this matter” – we read in the Twitter post.

Niebezpiecznik.pl commented: “Someone in the ministry finally pulled the plug. After two months. With the CHARLIE-CRP degree. Well done.”

We sent a message with a question on this matter to the Ministry of Development and Technology. We are waiting for answer.

Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki extended the second BRAVO alert stage and the third CRP alert stage

Currently, Poland has the third CRP alert level (CHARLIE-CRP) and the second BRAVO alert level. .

Due to the current geopolitical situation in the region and in Ukraine, as well as increased traffic on the Polish-Ukrainian border, on August 1, a second BRAVO alert level was introduced, which is preventive in nature. “The BRAVO level is the second in a four-level scale of alert grades and can be introduced in the event of an increased and foreseeable threat of a terrorist event, but when the specific target of the attack has not been identified” – informs the Central Statistical Office.

CHARLIE-CRP, on the other hand, is the third of the four alert levels defined in the Anti-Terrorism Act. “It is introduced in the event of an event confirming the probable target of a terrorist attack in cyberspace or obtaining reliable information about the planned event” – explains the RCB. The introduced alert levels are primarily a sign for the services to be prepared to take action.

Source: Gazeta

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