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Why are new iPhones so hellishly expensive? The weak gold does not explain everything [PODCAST]

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In early September, Apple unveiled new iPhones 14. At the end of the conference, the company shared the good news for Americans: the prices of the devices were kept at the same level as last year. I must admit that it was a surprise, because market experts expected that the new iPhones would be more expensive than their predecessors.

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Unfortunately, it quickly turned out that the situation in Poland was quite different. When we first looked at the price list in the official Apple store, we rubbed our eyes with amazement – it is not only expensive, but extremely expensive.

Take the iPhone 14 as an example. In the USA, the price of this device starts at $ 799. So it is exactly the same as the price of the iPhone 13 on its release date. How is the situation in Poland?

While the iPhone 13 cost in our country to start 4 199 PLN, we will pay for a comparable model of the iPhone 14 PLN 5 199, which is as much as 1000 zlotys more. However, there are more bad news, as Apple has also raised the price of the iPhone 13, which costs as much as PLN 4 499. So far, with the premiere of the new iPhone, the prices of the older ones have fallen (usually by about PLN 500), and this year we are dealing with the opposite situation.

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There are many factors that influenced the horrendously high price of the iPhone 14 in our market, but the most obvious one is the strength, or rather the weakness of our currency. A year ago, when the iPhone 13 debuted on the market, the dollar exchange rate was PLN 3.85. At this point, it is already PLN 4.75.

So we are talking about almost a zloty of difference. This had to affect the price of an Apple smartphone.

However, the theory of the “bad” zloty breaks down a bit when we look at the prices of two different Apple devices – in the United States and in Poland:

– Apple Watch Ultra

US – $ 799

Poland – PLN 4 799

– iPhone 14

US – $ 799

Poland – PLN 5,199

It turns out, then, that two products that cost exactly the same in the US are separated by a difference of PLN 400 in Poland. Why? We talk about it in the latest episode of the TechnoTerapia podcast.

Source: Gazeta

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