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iPhone turned out to be easy to repair

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iFixit: Apple significantly improved the repairability score in the iPhone 14

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Enthusiasts from iFixit disassembled the new iPhone 14 and expressed their observations regarding the process of repairing the device. This was reported in a video on the YouTube channel of the company.

According to experts who are engaged in checking the degree of maintainability of gadgets, Apple has significantly improved the design of its devices. It turned out that in the new generation, the smartphone can be serviced by removing the back panel – in devices of earlier generations, the display had to be removed for this. Enthusiasts said that the last time such a design feature was inherent in the iPhone 4s, which was released in 2011.

Also, the maintainability index was positively affected by the two screws on which the rear panel is attached. During the dismantling process, the technicians easily separated the glass panel and gained access to the insides of the iPhone 14. “This is such an important event that Apple had to loudly declare it – the design of the iPhone was redesigned from the inside to make the gadget easier to repair,” said iFixit CEO Kyle Vince.

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As a result, the iPhone 14 received from iFixit 7 out of 10 points on the maintainability scale – a record indicator for Apple devices. The previous iPhone 13 was criticized by experts because of the very difficult procedure for replacing the display.

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The company’s specialists said that they are still dismantling the top-end smartphones of the line – the iPhone 14 Pro and 14 Pro Max. However, at first glance, the devices can be disassembled by removing the rear panel.

Earlier, journalists found out that Apple has simplified the repair of basic iPhone 14 series smartphones. The cost of replacing a damaged back glass on an iPhone 14 has also become known – $ 169.

Source: Lenta

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