The instant messaging app WhatsApp begins to implement the ability to send photos in high definition, better known as HD, that is, without losing resolution.

WhatsApp started working on an option to send photos in their original quality last January. It has thus been possible to maintain the original dimensions of the image during transmission, thus not compressing the photo and thereby achieving a higher quality.

Now the apps implements HD photo sending, although for now only available to some users in the beta versions of Android in the beta version of iOS detailed WaBetaInfo.

The option to send HD photos only appears when you try to send a large image. In this case, before sending, a tab appears with the option to send with standard quality or HD quality.

This tab also reports that HD photos are sharper. However, standard quality images use less storage space and are delivered faster. Likewise, default quality is applied to every photo by default, so if you want to send with HD quality, you should choose this option, according to PS.

When an HD quality image is sent, an HD icon appears in the lower left corner of the sent photo to flag and notify users. This option is useful so that recipients can decide, for example, whether they want to download this image or not.

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In addition, WaBetaInfo note that while you can send a photo in HD, this does not mean you are sending it in its full original quality, as the original dimensions are preserved but a slight compression is still applied. This feature is also not available when sharing images on status updates.