Find a job in the United States it’s not an impossible mission. Known as the land of opportunity, there are plenty of job options that alone need a plan or strategy In order to achieve the goal.

Immigration expert attorney Julio Oyhanarte offers a guide to succeeding in your job search on his social media accounts. On TikTok, he has more than 4 million followers and on Instagram, he has more than 600,000 fans.

With more than 10 million job openings in the United States, the specialist assures that now is the best time to work in that country.

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If you want to work in the United States, you need a company willing to hire you. Photo: SDI productions

“Companies are struggling to find Americans who want to work, so you have to seize the opportunity,” says the specialist.

However, you need to know something very important: If you want to work in the United States, you need a company willing to hire you.

It is at this point that many stop, give up, throw in the towel and become frustrated, says the lawyer, who says he understands but at the same time insists that despite everything, “There are thousands of people doing it. Why don’t you make it? You are no less than anyone else,” he says.

“Sometimes you think you can’t, I’m out of luck… If you don’t try, you’ll never make it. You have to try, but not blindly, you have to have a strategy, an organization, an action plan,” he says in one of his posts.

Work visas are obtained from the consulate, outside the United States, and the permits are issued by the USCIS. Photo: Istock

How to find a job in the United States:

Julio Oyhanarte indicates in his publications on networking that it is important:

1. Know the difference between working with a work visa or a work permit.

2. Networking. To find work it is essential to expand the network of contacts. The lawyer advises:


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3. Know the types of work visas. There are work visas for people with or without academic training and for all kinds of jobs. You can also travel to the United States with your entire family. But you need an offer from a US employer as they will ask you for the visa.

H-1B visa. For professionals with an academic degree, it has an annual limit set by Congress. Therefore, the lawyer proposes three alternatives if you are a professional:


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H-2B visa. It works for many jobs where professional degrees and English language skills are not required, such as hospitality, landscaping, construction, restaurants, cleaning and more. And allows you to bring the family.


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H-2A. for farm workers.

J-1 visa: Work and travel and many more jobs like babysitters, people taking care of the elderly, skycoaches, office training, doctors. They mostly use it for university exchanges.

OR visa: if it is a person with exceptional abilities, you must show that you are one of the best in your field. Artists, athletes, scientists, business people, different professions can apply and there is no limit because not many people ask for it because the standard of proof to prove it is high.

Demonstration includes evidence such as being mentioned in journals, academic citations, being a member of prestigious organizations, whether you have won awards.


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I-Visa: journalists.

L visa: if you are transferred between country to country.

R visa: religious workers

P visa: For athletes or artists.

A visa: for diplomats.