Laurinda Pilar Contreras, a woman who was five months pregnant, developed a stomach ache and went to the hospital. The malaise lasted a month and Laurinda passed away, causing great shock. The case is under investigation and the family reports alleged malpractice.

The woman endured a month of ailments and feverish images. In April 2023, in Buenos Aires Province, Argentina, she went to Morón Hospital, where she was told she was dehydrated.

They gave her a serum with painkillers and sent her home, Clarín said. The pain persisted and they told him it was “due to gas, colic,” the Southern press reported.

Laurinda was treated by doctors in the obstetrics ward and the family indicated that “they have carried out urine and blood tests, as well as an ultrasound”.

Then he went to another care center and they did not alarm anything abnormal.

Last week the pain increased and he reported to the Morón Hospital. It was May 22 and what happened is painful and inexplicable for the pregnant woman’s relatives.

The next day, Clarín said, the tragedy broke the hearts of those close to her: “The hospital told them that Laurinda had suffered several heart attacks and they couldn’t resuscitate her.”

What happened to Laurinda?

Laurinda was not yet 30 years old and was expecting her first child. The family is now awaiting the results of the autopsy. For them, according to the Argentine press, the pain that did not leave the pregnant woman alone was due to peritonitis that was not diagnosed in time.

The case is in the investigation phase. It is necessary to know the “causes of death” and that is the responsibility of the Prosecutor’s Office No. 6 of Morón.

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“They despised my daughter’s pain”

This indicates malpractice, Laurinda’s parents lamented, according to the outlet A24.

“She came in pain, on April 28 she goes to the guard and two midwives attended her. One of them told her that her discomfort was typical of a first-timer and that she was practically making a fuss (excessive demonstration) with the pain,” said Laurinda’s father, Jorge Contreras.

He confirmed that they did an ultrasound and they came to say, “We noticed something, but we don’t know what it is.” That supposedly because the baby couldn’t see better.

Laurinda had a fever, not very high, the father described, claiming, “They despised the pain my daughter was feeling.”

The pain persisted and on May 6 he was transferred to another hospital. Nor, according to what the parent said, the diagnosis was made and the discomfort increased.

My daughter lasted until the weekend of May 19, 20 and 21. On the 22nd she came home dead in pain, she started spitting up blood and we took her to the hospital

George Contraras

The doctors, “when they found the fetus had no heartbeat, they opened it up. The baby had been dead for two days. They operated on her at 7:00 in the morning, she managed to get out of a strike. They intubated her at about 7:30 in the morning and at 8:30 in the evening she died.

The doctors had told us that my daughter’s chance of survival was 20%.

Jorge Contreras, Laurinda’s father

Contreras questions Morón Hospital’s procedure, noting, “It’s likely it was our fault too, but we followed what the doctors said.”

This father regrets that there is little sensitivity for the patient and that in a number of cases the protocol of prescribing painkillers is followed.

On Monday, May 29, 2023, he denounced to the A24 media that the Morón Hospital does not report. “They are hermetic (…) they never say what they have done. The only one who knows now, and that’s because he kidnapped the clinical history, is the prosecutor,” said Laurinda’s father.