The Venezuelan population is shocked by a gruesome murder registered in one of the Andean states, for which the two alleged perpetrators are already in custody.

The victim of this crime is a woman and she was 31 years old. Dubraska Andreína Rivas Romero, as she was identified, was found dead on the banks of the Motatán River on Tuesday, May 23, 2023.

At the time of the discovery, the version was circulating on social networks that the body had no eyes, alarming the rest of Venezuela from the state of Trujillo.

One of the assumptions involved, it was later learned, would have studied medicine.

What happened to Dubraska?

Dubaska Rivas lived in the Los Sin Techos sector, in the municipality of Valera, the capital of Trujillo.

He left his hometown and would not have commented on where he was going. By not returning, the relatives expressed concern, reported the Diario de los Andes.

Last Tuesday at noon the tragic news came. The woman had been killed and left in the Motatán River.

Did they gouge out his eyes?

Two men are in custody for this murder, said the national director of the Scientific, Criminal and Criminal Investigation Corps (Cicpc), Commissioner Douglas Rico.

One of them was a friend of Dubraska’s and was the one who invited her for a walk along the river.

Behind that proposal, José Gregorio Hernández Vargas hid the unexpected. According to what Rico said, on Thursday, May 25, Hernández, 19, had plans to migrate and needed money.

On the journey to the river, José Gregorio and Dubraska “passed the house of Kleiver Omar Linares Rondón, aged 21.”

The three arrived at the agreed place and an argument ensued. According to Rico, “the two men chose to attack her and use a knife, attacking her and eventually killing her, then threw the knife into the river and fled the scene.”

In the post posted to Rico’s account on Thursday, it was said that the woman gouged out her eyes to market them and mentioned a dollar amount. However, the latter was no longer online on Friday 26 May.

Douglas Rico quoted in La Verdad de Monagas

To avoid detection, the senior police chief said, “they returned to the woman’s home, handed over her belongings to the relatives and told them they did not know where Rivas was.”

The information caused concern in the state of Trujillo, despite the fact that the two detainees were known to have been abandoned by order of the prosecution.

It also cast doubt on Rico’s story, which later appeared edited.

Instagram publication of the national head of the Cicpc posted on Thursday, May 25, 2023 / Taken from El Pitazo

There are dozens of questions in the comments of network users, many of which revolve around learning more details about the matter.

They ask if the post is written well or badly and if it is true how they kept the organs. But while the money records have been eliminated, they most regret the woman’s death.

In 2022, the Digital Observatory of Femicides of the Center for Justice and Peace (Cepaz) documented “282 cases of completed femicides in Venezuela and 120 cases of frustrated femicides. On average there was a femicide every 26 hours.”