Company neural link reported that it was authorized by the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to test it brain implants in humans.

It is an important first step that will allow our technology to help many people one day.The California-based company said on its Twitter account, adding that “clinical trial selections are not yet open.”

Neuralink, owned by millionaire Elon Musk, designs devices for the brain to communicate directly with computers.

Basically, these devices should serve to help people with paralysis or neurological disordersdescribes the agency ep.

“We’ve worked hard to prepare for our first human (implant) and we obviously want to be extremely careful and make sure it will work properly before we put the device into a human,” Musk said in a Neuralink presentation in December.

For the businessman, these implants should enable humanity tosymbiosis with the AI (Artificial Intelligence)” said a speech at a company annual conference in 2020.

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So far, the coin-sized prototypes have been implanted in animal skulls.