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Infoshare 2023. AI took over the largest technology conference in this part of Europe

Infoshare 2023. AI took over the largest technology conference in this part of Europe

Artificial intelligence is practically everywhere today and it was very clear during the Infoshare 2023 conference in Gdańsk. How does it actually work and what challenges does such a dynamic development of AI pose to us and will artificial intelligence really be able to replace “human” employees?

The Infoshare 2023 conference, which takes place on May 24-25, is the largest event of this type not only in Poland, but throughout Central and Eastern Europe. Once again, the conference attracted thousands of people from all over the world to Gdańsk. The AmberExpo center in Gdańsk, located next to the beautiful Polsat Plus Arena stadium, was visited by over 7,000 people this year. participants, nearly 200 experts and over 220 startups. We, as the media patron of the event, were also there, checking what trends currently dominate at the intersection of technology and business.

Artificial intelligence has penetrated almost everywhere

Probably the most frequently repeated abbreviation during Infoshare 2023 was AI (Artificial intelligence). Walking around the conference area and taking part in subsequent lectures, it was clear that this was definitely the number one topic. Anyway, it’s hardly surprising. The extremely dynamic (and somewhat unexpected) development of generative artificial intelligence has made the topic of AI appear in virtually every industry. artificial intelligence has been around us for many years, but it was only the development of generative intelligence that “people suddenly woke up with such a novelty and are trying to use it everywhere.”

Infoshare 2023 conference in Gdańsk photo by Bartłomiej Pawlak

As Sara Legawiec from Nordea enumerated during her lecture, the enormous interest in AI is well demonstrated by Google data. In this quarter, Poles entered this magic phrase into the search engine 10 million times, which is an increase of … 900 percent. We could also learn more about the benefits and potential challenges of AI for employees and employers. Will it help in managing the business, support the recruitment process in the company, or make programmers and journalists lose their jobs? Is using it ethical at all? And in how far ahead can artificial intelligence seriously mess up?

Not only about technologies. Everyone will find something for himself

It is worth noting here that Infoshare – although it revolved mainly around AI – is an event not strictly technological, but addressed to startups and small and large enterprises that want to use (or already do) the opportunities offered by technology in practice. This was evident in subsequent lectures. any example? This is, for example, a lecture by Piotr Chmielewski from Social Media Now on the impact of artificial intelligence (of course) on social media marketing. In a word – it is huge, although at the same time it raises some dilemmas. Is it better to flood social media with artificially generated content or create one, but refined campaign?

For those who are extremely bored with the topic of AI, the organizers have prepared a number of lectures on running a business, the recruitment process, effective data processing in the company or in the fields of PR, marketing and advertising. Somewhat by chance, I even came across an interesting lecture by James Rogers from SDU and Cornell universities on… the history and development of drones used for terrorist purposes. I definitely did not expect this on Infoshare. As you can see, everyone could find something for themselves here.

A startup from Warsaw won 20,000 Euro

During Infoshare 2023, another edition of the Infoshare Startup Contest was held, the purpose of which was to select the most promising startup. The winner was Genotic, a Polish startup from Warsaw, which – using artificial intelligence – designs, tests and produces antibodies, which are a universal tool used in research and development. The British start-up upLYFT took second place, and Beholder from Estonia came third. The team from Warsaw won 20 thousand. EUR in cash for the further development of innovative ideas, and the total prize pool in the competition reached PLN 30,000. zloty. They were funded by the Mayor of the City of Gdańsk.

Source: Gazeta

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