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How to avoid scams during ‘Black Friday’

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It is good to be very careful when shopping online.

The fever for discount shopping arrives this Friday with the so-called Black Friday or Black Friday, but scammers also see this as an opportunity to try to bring down many buyers.

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Although the Black Friday it was more face-to-face than onlineThis discount system has adapted to the times as online shopping has gained ground in recent years and became even more popular due to the pandemic. Thus, crowds in shops are avoided. The system takes hold, but it is always good to be very careful when shopping online.

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The computer security company ESET details some of the most common scams that are carried out during the so-called Black Friday.

Free products. One of the most attractive campaigns for the victim is one that uses current products that are highly sought after in the market. These campaigns that promise that you can get these products for free especially use social networks in exchange for a “Like” or completing a survey, you can be the victim of a scam through a pay-per-click scheme.

Mail impersonating parcel companies. With all the purchases that can be made on these dates, it is easy to be tempted to open a e-mail from a parcel company and click on the attached link that supposedly gives shipping information. However, these campaigns can carry unpleasant surprises such as ransomware that encodes the files of the device from which it is accessed and that may ask for money in exchange for the decoding.

Avoid the rush. You have to be careful with how you type the web address you want to visit, because if you do it in a hurry and without paying attention you can be a victim of typesquatting. This scam takes advantage of the similarity of names between official websites and others designed to host a software malicious software that infects the device or to offer disreputable contests or advertisements for unreliable services.

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Discounts. Before purchasing a product at an incredibly lower price than the average on the market, you have to make sure that the web is legal. Observing the spelling, the content of the web, what information appears in the “About us” are really important questions to avoid falling for a scam. Another quick way to get out of doubt is to contact them directly by phone or e-mail and, of course, searching the internet for the company to find out the opinion of other users. (I)

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