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Driver switches seats with his dog to avoid a fine

Driver switches seats with his dog to avoid a fine

a Director from Colorado, USA, who was apparently under the influence of alcohol, was stopped by the police when speeding. However, as authorities approached the car, they noticed the man switching seats with his dog to make it look like he wasn’t the one driving.

The driver switched seats with his dog that was in the passenger […]. The man got out of the vehicle through the passenger side and he claimed he was not drivingthe Springfield Police Department said on its Facebook page.

GER ARREST On 5/13/23 at around 11:30 PM, Springfield Police conducted a traffic stop on a vehicle traveling 52 miles…

Posted by Springfield, CO Police Department on Sunday, May 14, 2023

The driver presented signs demonstrating this was drunkand “when asked about his alcohol consumption the man i run away.” He didn’t get far, because after running about 20 meters, he was caught by the officers. It was later determined that the man had done so two active warrants.

The driver was arrested and incarcerated at the Baca County Jail where He faces several charges: driving under the influence of alcohol, driving under the influence, driving without a driver’s license, speeding and resisting arrest.

The dog was given to a friend of the driver while he was in jail, according to police. “The dog is not prosecuted. and we let him go with just a letter of termination,” the police added jokingly.

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