The United States justified Thursday the “containment measures” against some migrants on deportation flightsbecause they sometimes get “violent” after a while repatriated Colombians have denounced abuse por part of US agents on those routes.

“It’s not something we like to do, so we ask migrants who do not become violent on these flightsDepartment of Homeland Security undersecretary of border policy and immigration, Blas Núñez-Neto, said in a telephone press conference.

Deportation flights from the United States to Colombia resumed on Wednesday following the controversy that erupted last week over charges of alleged degrading treatment of migrants. Núñez-Neto said he was unaware of that particular case, but assured that the United States takes allegations of assault “very seriously” and all are under investigation. remark/

But he also stressed that there has been “incidents of violence or disorder on many or some repatriation flights and that it was sometimes necessary to restrain people on the flights.”

The general director of Colombian Migration, Fernando García, referred to the existence of “recurring complaints about poor conditions in detention centers and mistreatment during flights.”

State Department asks to prevent irregular migration to United States after lifting Title 42

Garcia herself emphasized the “use of restrictive elements such as handcuffs and legcuffs, even in female mothers of families”in addition to the announcement of the cancellation by the US immigration authorities of the flights scheduled for May 1 and 2, in which approximately 1,200 people would return.

All eyes are on the United States’ immigration policy ahead of Thursday’s lifting of Title 42, the policy of express deportation of migrants at the border that has been in effect since the outbreak of the 2020 covid-19 pandemic. Washington foresees an increase in migration flows from the region to the United States, for which reason it has declared new restrictions and pushed for the message that the border is not open.