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This is Overture, the plane that brings back supersonic commercial travel

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Though we will have to wait until 2029 what for Overture take off with passengers on board and take to our skies, the ‘hype’ has spread as fast as this supersonic plane.

This week, American Airlines has bought 20 copies of what is already known as the Concorde’s successorthe great milestone in aeronautical engineering that revolutionized the world of aviation back in 1976 for being able to cover long distances in a very short time, such as the one from New York to Paris, which took three and a half hours.

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The elevated prices of tickets and accident of one of its aircraft in the year 2000, caused the Concorde to land, never to take off again in 2003.

Two decades later, the market has changed radically and now the “low cost“. However, ‘Boom Supersonic’, the creator of Overture, announces that it is preparing to compete in this new scenario with these “sustainable and highly profitable aircraft“.

Source: Lasexta

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