Eclipses have always attracted people’s attention, and the darkness they cause causes us fear and curiosity at the same time.

There are stories woven around eclipses mainly related to energy and spirit, some are just myths but others are real, which is why it is very important to be clear about how a lunar eclipse can affect us. especially how to protect ourselves from such affections.

Which countries will be able to observe the penumbral eclipse on May 5?

Darkness inside and outside:

The first thing to keep in mind is that a solar eclipse is just that: darkness and that lack of light can affect your energy, causing you to vibrate low and cause you to lose orientation, even “energy vampires” can affect you more easily during the solar eclipse.

Therefore, it is recommended not to expose yourself directly to the penumbra, preferably to stay indoors, and if you must inevitably be outdoors, take a little sea salt with you in a paper bag and also visualize yourself in a sphere of very bright white light .

After the eclipse, throw the salt down the toilet and put the paper bag in a garbage can.

Mental and emotional gloom:

As you can imagine, the lack of light reflected from our natural satellite can impair the ability to think and feel properly.

For this reason, it is important that you remain calm and patient and avoid any discussion or confrontation, as you will end up saying what you do not think or feel, and you will deeply hurt other people’s feelings.

Moon of the Flowers and a lunar eclipse, among the astronomical events for May

Another tip that you cannot ignore has to do with decision making. Avoid launching yourself into new activities, choosing or simply acting, because no matter how simple your actions seem, it is possible that you are doing it from your “shadow”, and in a few days you will realize that not only were you wrong, but also that it was wrong, a very delicate decision, which will cause you all kinds of trouble.

Collect better good karma:

While everything we’ve told you so far seems rather negative, there is something you can do during the lunar eclipse that will benefit you: doing something nice for someone else.

Acting kindly, from the heart, is like lighting a light, which dispels the energetic gloom that could affect us during the solar eclipse.

Logically, this recommendation doesn’t only work during the time the moon’s penumbra lasts. You can do something good for people or animals at any time, and the universe will know how to reward you. Your amulets can also be affected:

If you like to have charms and crystals, keep in mind that they cannot be exposed to darkness, as they lose their light and no longer vibrate positively.

To avoid this, before the eclipse begins, place all your crystals and amulets in a place where they are protected from darkness, and do not perform any rituals or activities with them during the eclipse.

Let them be preserved until the next day, when it is already morning, and, if you like, light a sandalwood incense and pass it through all your amulets, with which they will be clean again and they will tremble with the light.

White vinegar to protect your home:

Something extra you can do to keep the low vibrations that can be produced at an eclipse at bay is to clean all the mirrors in your home with white vinegar.

Soak a clean cloth in vinegar, hopefully white, and before the blackout begins, rub all the mirrors in your home. This prevents dense energies from entering your home.

If you have raw alcohol, you can use it instead of white vinegar.

Remember that solar eclipses are astronomical phenomena that you can enjoy as long as you adequately protect your energy and that of your spaces.

Written by Diana Palacio. Director of Alma de Cristal Terapia Energ├ętica and Viento y Agua Consulting, angel advisor, angelic and energetic therapist and professional advisor of Feng Shui, Ba Zi, Tong Shu and I Ching. Instagram: @almadecristalterapiaenergetica and @vientoyaguaconsultoria.