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SSDs are more dangerous than hard drives

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The production of SSD provokes the release of increased amounts of dangerous carbon dioxide

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An international group of scientists noted an increased emission of harmful substances into the atmosphere during the production of SSDs. The research results were published as a preprint in the arXiv repository.

According to scientists from the University of Wisconsin-Madison (USA) and the University of British Columbia (Canada), SSDs are more preferable than conventional hard drives because of their higher speed and lower power consumption. However, the production of SSD provokes the release of an increased amount of dangerous carbon dioxide into the atmosphere.

“Most of the carbon emissions of an SSD already happened before anyone started using it,” the authors noted. It turned out that the solid state drive accounts for up to 38 percent of the total mass of emissions received in the manufacture of PCs. At the same time, the hard drive accounts for 9 percent, the processor – 4 percent, the video card – 11 percent, the motherboard – 17 percent, the RAM – 9 percent, the power supplies – 4 percent, the case – 6 percent.

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The researchers concluded that over the course of 5-10 years, a hard drive will consume more energy than an SSD, but less than it took to build an SSD. The scientists noted that the reduction in the production of drives will lead to a shortage, so they said that it is necessary to modernize the technical process.

At the start of the summer, Microsoft predicted a phase-out of hard drives. It became known that Microsoft called on computer manufacturers to start phasing out HDDs in PCs and complete this process by 2023.

Source: Lenta

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