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This is how the rapid cancer detection circuit capable of giving a diagnosis in ten days works

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At 32 years old, Marta Ferreres was diagnosed in January 2021 a breast cancer in early stage. “You’re out of place and you don’t know what’s going to happen,” says the young woman.

She was able to enter fast diagnostic circuit of the Vall d’Hebron, in Barcelona. Explains Dr. Martín Espinosa, head of the Vall D’Hebron Breast Cancer Unit, in just 15 days they are capable of having the diagnosis and treatment which allows to reduce the anguish of the patients.

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In the case of Marta, it was 30 days between the diagnosis and the moment in which the tumor was removed. Like her, since 2005 more than 12,000 people have benefited of this service that aims to placate fear and help patients face the process more calmly.

Marta assures that she has not known what the anguish of time is, the one suffered by many patients who take months to know the results. In 44% it ends up being diagnosed as cancer.

In Vall d’Hebron, each day the rapid diagnosis circuit of this hospital evaluates between four and eight suspected cases of breast cancer. Patients who in this hospital are treated in record time since the average waiting time between referral and diagnosis is less than ten days.

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Source: Lasexta

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