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Apple will show you a completely new device. “Revolutionary”. Price can get us out of our shoes

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Apple has been looking at virtual and augmented reality technology for a long time. This is evidenced, for example implementation of the AR function in subsequent versions of iOS. Now, however, the company from Cupertino intends to go a step further and fight on the market of VR / AR devices.

Apple is working on a new device

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from which it follows that in January 2023 Apple will present virtual / augmented reality deviceto be “the next revolutionary consumer electronics product after the iPhone”. This date is so interesting that around the same time Sony intends to launch the second generation of PlayStation VR goggles on the market.

Ming-Chi Kuo also suggests that the price of the VR / AR goggles from Apple will oscillate in the amount of 2,000 to 2,500,000 dollars. Although market experts had previously suggested that the Apple device would be expensive, such a high price would be a surprise.

How does it look like with the competition? Facebook (or rather Meta) values ​​its own VR / AR Meta Quest goggles 2 for value of 399 be 499 dollars (depending on version). In turn, for probably the best VR / AR device on the market, i.e. HTC Vive Pro 2, we will now pay $ 799 today.

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Apple VR / AR headset design AntonioDeRosa

In his analysis, Ming-Chi Kuo also suggests that in 2023 Apple will only release to the market 1.5 million copies VR / AR devices, and during the presentation, he will focus on three aspects: the ecosystem, software and specification hardware. The company’s goal is to convince investors that it is a future-proof product that will be developed over the coming years.

Anyway, Apple has already outlined a development plan for its entire AR / VR platform. In 2024, the company would present augmented reality goggles that will be devoid of VR functions, and in 2025, users will receive a new version of VR / AR goggles – at a more affordable price.

Google VR from Apple. What do we know about them?

the VR / AR device from Apple will be equipped in the OLEDoS display provided by LG Display. These types of screens are produced on silicon wafers, and not on glass and polymer substrates, which affects their weight, flexibility and low response time. In addition, the goggles are to have a standard external OLED display.

Experts also suggest that when launching the VR / AR goggles, Apple does not want to focus on games, but primarily on business and professional applications. This would mean that the device would be closer to the HoloLens project from Microsoft than on devices such as the PlayStation VR2.

Source: Gazeta

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