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Another bank does not allow customers to log in.  The black series of failures is in full swing

Another bank does not allow customers to log in. The black series of failures is in full swing

PKO BP, Pekao, BLIK have already had failures behind them. On Wednesday bad luck hit the users of another large institution. Raiffeisen Bank International customers cannot log in to the website.

On Wednesday before noon, there was another failure of a bank operating in Poland in recent days. This page is unavailable Raiffeisen Bank International. We confirmed the information on the hotline – the website still prevents customers from logging in. It is still not known when the failure will be removed. Raiffeisen Bank International AG (RBI) is an Austrian bank headquartered in Vienna. It is worth emphasizing that Raiffeisen Digital Bank also operates in Poland – however, there are no problems with this bank’s website. Customers using the mortgage part of the Austrian giant have a problem.

Polish banking has had bad luck in recent days. Only on Monday we reported that the crash reports concern, among others: Santander, PKO Bank Polski, mBank, Pekao, ING, Alior and Millennium. Outage tracking sites showed a spike in incidents. In most cases, the cause was the same. Customers could not make payments with the BLIK system.

PKO BP, Pekao, BLIK and more. A lot of BLIK failures in recent days

BLIK is a Polish payment system based on six-digit codes. These are generated on an ongoing basis, they can be entered into an ATM or payment terminal, which will send a request to confirm the transaction to our phone. In addition, as part of BLIK, you can also send money to a telephone number. The system operator is the Polish Payment Standard.

Previously, problems affected other large banks. Serious difficulties in accessing the services of two large banks in Poland were reported by users of two large banks. Both PKO BP and Bank Pekao operated with problems. Interestingly, in the case of both banks, the problems began almost simultaneously – just before noon. 8:00 on Monday. Fortunately, the problems were short-lived. After 10.00, the press office of Bank Pekao SA informed us about their removal. The ability to log into the bank’s systems has been restored and the systems are working properly.

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