Leidy Contreras Patiño, a 20-year-old Venezuelan, died in Lima, Peru, after spending 90 days in an Intensive Care Unit. His case seemed simple: he went to have a tooth extracted, but everything became complicated.

The young woman died at 10 p.m. (10 p.m.) on Sunday, April 16, 2023, at Arzobispo Loayza Hospital.

His family said he had one of his teeth extracted early this year at a private clinic in Chorrilos, a district of Lima, La República reported.

Death was due to multiple organ failure, Leidy’s sister Paula reported.

The Venezuelan was in favor of left third molar extraction, her sister said. Photo: taken from El Siglo

Tooth extraction of the young Venezuelan

According to her family, Leidy went to the above-mentioned clinic on January 9. He went to the dental office with a panoramic X-ray to have his left third molar extracted, El Siglo published, citing the relative.

Two days later, while at her home, the young woman “began to feel bad.”

His face and neck swelled up. She couldn’t eat and was breathing hard, the family member describes

Employees told La República that they contacted the doctors and they replied that “it was a normal process”.

“On the fourth day I take her again, they drain her and this causes the infection to spread,” said the nurse.

The Venezuelan girl was intubated. Photo: video recording

“I Demand Justice”

Paula pointed out that “everything was wrong with them from the start, from bad diagnosis, bad procedure, bad medication, everything.”

He explained that the infection reaches the mediastinum and the mediastinum connects to all organs. This causes multi-organ, liver, kidney, heart failure.

What happened to the young Venezuelan has been reported to the Public Prosecution Service and three summonses have been issued, according to the sister, where the doctors have gone to one.

He noted that they have not had access to Leidy’s medical records at the clinic.

He said of the doctors: “They slowed down the process by talking nonsense, using technical words that no one understood. The Public Prosecutor refused the interview.

The other doctor made excuses, said we are in a pandemic emergency process, that he couldn’t attend, that his lawyer was sick

In late March, Leidy’s family stated that the Venezuelan woman was still intubated and had “over 90 blood transfusions because of the bleeding” she sustained.

On that date, the sister, also quoted in La República, hinted that “the clinic did not have the corresponding permits”.

Local media also reported that the sign had been removed from the clinical center.

“I demand justice because it is not possible for my sister to die and three months later (since she ended up in ICU) we have not received any response from the clinic, the doctors or the judge. The prosecutor has made several demands, to date the deadline has passed and the judge has not responded, ”he told Exitosa Noticias on the morning of Monday, April 17.