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“MON invites volunteers”.  Military recruitment?  No, it’s a scam, beware of texting

“MON invites volunteers”. Military recruitment? No, it’s a scam, beware of texting

The Ministry of National Defense warns against scammers who send text messages inviting people to participate in recruitment for the Lithuanian-Polish-Ukrainian Brigade. In fact, the military does not recruit volunteers. Examples of false news reached the media through RMF FM listeners.

“The Ministry of National Defense invites volunteers to serve in the Lithuanian-Polish-Ukrainian Corps. Anyone willing can submit applications by e-mail to the address [email protected]” – SMS messages with this content were sent, among others, to listeners. Although the contact given in the message is true, it turns out that the unit is not currently recruiting.

Text messages with a fake advertisement about military recruitment. The resort warns against scammers

Spokesman for the Brigade, Oleksandr Molodsov, in an interview with the RMF FM journalist, denied that any recruitment to the Lithuanian-Polish-Ukrainian Corps was currently underway. The ministry has already published a communication in which it explains the whole situation and recommends using proven and reliable sources of information. At the moment, it is not known who is impersonating or what his purpose is. Interestingly, the contact details provided in the fake news actually belong to an international entity.

Fraud over the phone. Not only can you lose time

A phone call or text message is one of the most frequently chosen forms of contact. Although in this case we are talking more about disseminating false information, the consequences of believing the content contained in text messages or those transmitted by the person on the other end of the handset without first checking them can turn out to be much more serious. A classic example are messages convincing about the obligation to pay extra for a package that we may have never even ordered. After paying the amount due via the link provided in the SMS, the fraudster will be able to gain access to our bank account. Similar tricks assume information about the need to pay the electricity or water bill.

Source: Gazeta

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