Colombian authorities have announced the arrest of Juan Guillermo Naranjo, who they believe is a partner of the Mexican cartel Jalisco Nueva Generación and responsible for the shipment of drugs in two South American ports, Buenaventura in Colombia and Guayaquil in Ecuador.

Through a statement, the police indicated that the person responsible for sending two tons of drugs to the United States and Mexico had been captured through Operation Arcángel.

For their shipments, Naranjo and his group contaminate containers at both ports and used tributaries of the Naya River to send drugs across the Pacific, stopping in Ecuador and then en route to Mexico.

In March 2018, Ecuadorian police seized 700 kilograms of drugs from a house in the city of Guayaquil after executing a search warrant.

Colombia also points to alleged links to a corruption network set up between officials of the Antioquia Comptroller’s Office and other public entities in that department.

Naranjo has an extradition warrant from the United States.

Colombian police have specified that so far in 2023 they have arrested 32 people who had demanded extradition for illegal drug trafficking.