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iPhone 14 getting closer. Here’s everything we know about him. No more notes and Lightning port?

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The premiere of new iPhones usually takes place in the fall. It will be no different this year. Everything indicates that the iPhone 14 will be presented in the second or third week of September, and the most likely date for the Apple conference is Tuesday September 13.

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The findings of the MacRumors website show that this year – just like last year – as many as four iPhone models will be available for sale:

  • 6.1-inch iPhone 14,
  • 6.7-inch iPhone 14 Max,
  • 6.1-inch iPhone Pro,
  • 6.7-inch iPhone Pro Max.

If this information is confirmed, it will mean that Apple will withdraw from the production of the iPhone mini after just two years, and the 6.7-inch iPhone 14 Max would replace it in the device portfolio.

Rumors that iPhone 12 mini and iPhone 13 mini sold below expectations, have been circulating in the industry for many monthsbut Apple never confirmed them. The company has not provided information on the sale of individual iPhone models for a long time.

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Market analysts also predict that Apple will further outline the differences between the Pro models and “standard” iPhones. So far, the biggest distinguishing feature of the Pro version has been a better camera. Now they are fed up with changes in design and … performance.

He died notch, long live notch

Notch, i.e. the characteristic indentation at the top of the screen, has been with iPhones since 2017 and is rather not very popular among users. The information provided by Ming-Chi Kuo, a well-known analyst dealing with the subject of Apple, shows thatThis year, the company will finally get rid of the note, but only in the Pro models.

iPhone 14 Pro Concept art @ MacRumros

They are the ones to see changes in design. The wide notch will be replaced by a small hole in which both the face recognition system will be placed Face ID, and the lens of the front camera. Another novelty in the iPhone 14 Pro and the iPhone 14 Pro Max is to be titanium casewhich will replace the one made of stainless steel.

What about the iPhone 14 and the iPhone 14 Max? Here, major changes in appearance should not be expected. Some sources even indicate that Apple will use an identical design to the one we know from the iPhone 13.

iPhone 14 ProiPhone 14 Pro Concept art @ MacRumors

iPhone 14 and 14 Max will be available for sale in the following versions color: black, white, blue, red and purple. In turn, the Pro and Pro Max models are to be available in graphite, gold, silver and purple colors.

ProMotion screen on all models?

One of the biggest news about the iPhone 13 Pro was the arrival ProMotion display Display with 120 Hz refresh. Initially, it seemed that ProMotion will be available for all iPhone models this year. Such a move would be reasonable, as Apple’s competitors have long been using 120Hz displays, even in cheaper models of their smartphones.

However, the information from the market analyst Ross Young shows that Apple will not decide to make such a move. Reason? Problems with the availability of such displays.

Also, the long-awaited Always-On-Display function (always on screen) is to appear only on the iPhone 14 Pro and 14 Pro Max – which will further outline the differences between cheaper and more expensive iPhone models.

iPhone 14 ProiPhone 14 Pro Concept art @ YouTube

New processor only in Pro models?

The new iPhones will traditionally be equipped with improved processor. This time it will be the A16 chip. Interestingly, Ming-Chi Kuo suggests that it will only go to the Pro models, while the iPhone 14 and iPhone 14 Max will use the A15 Bionic chip. It would be quite a surprise, as so far individual models have not differed from each other in terms of performance.

Kuo points out, however, that the A16 will be only slightly more efficient than the A15. The new chip was to be constructed in the same technological process of the N5P

All iPhone 14 models are to be equipped with a modem Qualcomm Snapdragon X65, i.e. the world’s first 10-gigabit 5G modem for smartphones. The new modem is to enable the use of satellite communication functions.

Objective? Apple wants to provide satellite functions to iPhone users emergencythat will allow us to send a message in an emergency, when our phone does not have cellular coverage – for example at sea or in high mountains.

In addition, the iPhone 14 is to be equipped Wi-Fi 6E connectivity, which will ensure fast wireless transmission necessary to use the AR and VR functions. Wi-Fi 6E uses an additional 6 GHz band to increase bandwidth and reduce interference while offering performance gains and low latency.

iPhone 14 ProiPhone 14 Pro 4RMD / YouTube.com

New lens on 14 Pro and 14 Pro Max models

Jeff Pu, an analyst at Haitong International Securities, predicts that the iPhone 14 Pro and iPhone 14 Pro Max will be equipped with a camera with three lenses – the main improved wide-angle mesh with a resolution of 48 MP, a 12-megapixel ultra-wide angle lens and a 12-megapixel telephoto lens. The improved camera is also supposed to support video recording in 8K resolution.

USB-C to replace Lightning?

pursuant to which, starting in autumn 2024, all smartphones sold in the European Union will have to use a USB-C charging connector.

The new regulations are a blow aimed primarily at Apple. It is the company from Cupertino that has been refusing to give up the proprietary Lightning connector and replace it with a USB-C port for years.

It seems, however, that Apple will not break this time. If the new regulations enter into force, the failure to change the charging standard for the American company will be almost tantamount to a (partial) withdrawal from the EU market, which even a giant like Apple cannot afford.

Does this mean the iPhone 14 will already use a USB-C port? Doubtful. that the iPhone 14 will be the last iPhone with a Lightning port, and the switch to USB-C will take place in the fall of 2023 with the launch of the iPhone 15.

Price? This time there will be no increases. At least in the basic models

The cheapest model of the iPhone 13 was priced at $ 799 (in Poland – PLN 3,599). There are many indications that it will also be the starting price for the iPhone 14. Apple does not want to increase the prices of the basic versions of iPhones, because the company wants to increase the sales volume.

What about the iPhone 14 Pro? Here, a price increase can already be expected. It is possible that it will result from a change in the amount of external memory. A model with 2 TB of memory will be available for sale, which will replace last year’s iPhone 13 Pro for 1 TB of memory.

Source: Gazeta

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