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Former US Navy officer unmasked.  “Donbas Devushka” spread pro-Russian disinformation

Former US Navy officer unmasked. “Donbas Devushka” spread pro-Russian disinformation

Former US Navy officer unmasked.  “Donbas Devushka” spread pro-Russian disinformation

She published hateful posts towards Ukraine and falsified data to present Russia in a favorable light. The woman turned out to be a former US Navy petty officer. In an interview with the “Wall Street Journal” she admitted to her pro-Russian and disinformation work. She says she doesn’t work alone.

The author of the pro-Russian entries turned out to be 37-year-old American Sarah Bils. A woman suspected of running a social media account under the name “Donbas Devushka” admitted her actions to journalists. She claimed to be Russian from Luhansk, but in reality she is American and a former US Navy petty officer.

A former US Navy officer has been exposed

Sarah Bils was recently released from active duty. He is currently in Washington, from where he has been publishing hateful posts towards Ukraine on YouTube, Twitter and Telegram since February 2022. her, among others content is watched by over 135,000 people. The woman engaged the community in fundraising for Russia and mocked the deaths of Ukrainian soldiers.

On the account “Donbass Devushka” the author published her photos, introducing herself as Mila Medvedev. Her voice could be heard on the podcast, which she hosted in an unnatural Russian accent. It was exposed by pro-Ukrainian open source intelligence activists known as NAFO. The woman revealed in an interview with the “Wall Street Journal” that she does not work alone and that 15 people around the world help her run pro-Russian accounts.

Former associates were already concerned about the officer’s mental health and said she was a habitual liar. The mother of the woman claimed that her daughter often made up stories, she reported on her Twitter.

Pentagon documents leaked. Was the woman responsible for the incident?

The Wall Street Journal reported that the former NCO played a key role in spreading a recent leak of Pentagon documents. Sarah Bils shared the documents and edited the originals in terms of the number of deaths to show that Russian soldiers have an advantage in war.

Leaked documents on the Internet contain details on the , information on Kiev’s preparations for the spring counter-offensive and plans for the expansion of the Ukrainian Armed Forces by and NATO. The accused of leaking confidential documents is 21-year-old Jack Teixeira, who faces 15 years in prison. The US president said the Department of Justice and the intelligence community are investigating the matter. In addition, Joe Biden reported that the documents did not contain up-to-date information.

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