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A new drug created in Catalonia demonstrates preclinical efficacy against the most common and aggressive brain tumor

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Researchers at the Vall d’Hebron Institut d’Oncology (VHIO) have developed a new immune drug who has shown his efficacy in preclinical studies in the treatment of glioblastoma, the “most common and aggressive” brain tumor.

The journal ‘Molecular Cancer Therapeutics’ of the American Association for Cancer Research has published the results of the preclinical study of this drug, carried out both with in vitro models and in vivo models, using samples from glioblastoma patients.

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It is an immune drug based on a new bispecific antibodyEGFRvIII-TCB, which binds on the one hand to tumor cells and on the other to immune cells so that the latter come into contact with the tumor and eliminate it.

This antibody has “three arms”: two of them target the EGFRvIII mutation, specific to glioblastoma, and the other binds to T cells, which according to the authors notably increases their ability to bind to tumor cells.

In addition, it also increases the infiltration and activation of T cells in glioblastomas that are positive for the mutation, and the “good results” achieved in the validation phase preclinical evaluation of this drug have served to start a phase I clinical trial who is already recruiting patients.

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Source: Lasexta

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