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The 10 apocalyptic scenarios that Wired predicted 25 years ago… and that have come true

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Twenty-five years ago, in the midst of a technological boom, it seemed that growth and prosperity were going to be exponential and without end. That’s how the magazine saw it. wired in a monographic issue of July 1997, dedicated to the “big boom” the world would experience in the next quarter century.

The report exposed all the reasons but pointed out ten scenarios for which, if they were fulfilled “one or two”, this buoyant stage could stop. The list, which has gone viral on Twitter, seems to have come true 25 years later.

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“The great boom is a scenario, a possible future. It is built on the mixture of many forces and some small pieces that find their place… All with a positive effect,” the publication’s journalists warn in an exploded view. “But the future, of course, could be very different… Especially if any of these exceptions are met. These are the 10 things that could stop the great boom.

These are the ten predictions of Wired… And all of them, to a greater or lesser extent, have come true.

1. The tensions between China and the US increase until a new Cold War… bordering on warlike conflict.

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2. The new technologies turn out to be a bluff. They do not bring the expected productivity gains or economic boosts.

3. Russia it regresses into a mafia-led kleptocracy or it regresses into a quasi-communist nationalism that threatens Europe.

4. The integration process European stops. Eastern and Western countries do not refine a reunification and even the European Union breaks down.

5. a great ecological crisis causes global climate change that, among other things, disrupts the food supply chain. This produces large price increases around the world and sporadic famines.

6. A increase in crime and terrorism forces the world to back down out of fear. People feel that at any moment they can have an explosion and they are not in the mood to go out and open up.

7. The cumulative increase in pollution causes a dramatic increase in cancer cases, which exceeds health systems.

8. The energy prices they shoot up The situation in the Middle East disrupts the supply of oil and renewable energy sources do not materialize.

9. A uncontrolled diseasea modern flu epidemic or its equivalent, rages like wildfire and causes more than 200 million deaths.

10. A social and cultural reaction causes progress to stop dead in its tracks. Human beings have to choose whether to move on… And they may not.

Although the scenarios are very apocalyptic, a quarter of a century makes you think. Could they be applied to what is happening today?

Source: Lasexta

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