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Russia. Sanctions exhausted the car factory. He is unable to continue production on his own

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the industry is clearly dependent on the West. Meanwhile, the sanctions limited the export of machinery and on which the Russian economy relies. This is evidenced by the import data. According to estimates by the Institute of the World Economy in Kiel, 67 percent came to the port alone. less goods.

Sanctions against Russia. The car industry is collapsing

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Russia has recorded the largest decline in passenger car production in history. Compared to last year, it is 97 percent lower. Interestingly, these data are confirmed by the Russian statistical office Rosstat itself. “Production fell from 112,000 to less than 4,000 cars.” – stated the analysts of “Tygodnik Gospodarczy PIE” quoted by

AvtoWAZ from Izhevsk has recently been hit hard by the problems. Production has been suspended for five months. This is due to the fact that the Russian market has been cut off from the supply of Western parts and components. The company encourages its employees to make voluntary redundancies and offers compensation in return.

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Economic sanctions. AvtoWAZ is unable to continue production

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AvtoVAZ in Izhevsk produced Lada cars. For many years he cooperated with a French concern. After Russia’s attack on the French, however, they sold their shares for a symbolic ruble and withdrew from the Russian market. It turned out that the Polish company was not able to continue production on its own, because parts and components, mainly electronics, were missing.

We remind you that in the Russian Federation it is possible to produce cars without complicated electronic systems, the components of which have become scarce due to sanctions. The government decided to make such a move because the blockage of supplies stopped vehicle production in Russia.

However, cars produced in this way do not meet the basic safety standards, both in terms of and environmental protection. Cars manufactured in breach of European standards will not be allowed to enter the territory.

Source: Gazeta

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