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They separate two three-year-old Siamese twins who shared a brain after seven surgeries

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Arthur and Bernard, two twins born in Brazil, have celebrated the success of a process that has lasted four years but has ended with a happy ending. Joined at the head from birth, both shared 15% of the brain Y a vein Responsible for carrying blood back to the heart.

The Siamese twins had a very serious prognosis in the face of a very rare ailment, spending more than three years hospitalized and with very low chances of survival. The team of healthcare professionals, made up of more than 100 doctorsdecided to contact an English specialist.

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In total, they carried out seven interventions. In the last two, they invested a whopping 33 hours. After managing to divide them, another eight hours of cranial reconstruction were necessary. Finally, the long process ended with a celebration in the operating room.

Source: Lasexta

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