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Ukrainian hackers played a prank on a Russian wanted by the FBI.  They went crazy on AliExpress

Ukrainian hackers played a prank on a Russian wanted by the FBI. They went crazy on AliExpress

Ukrainian hackers have revealed the private documents of GRU officer Sergei Morgachev. The Colonel is wanted by the United States for interference in the presidential election. Hackers did not stop at publishing data. They also decided to go crazy on behalf of the Russian on online shopping.

Lieutenant Colonel Sergei Morgachev has been wanted by the FBI for five years. The Americans accuse him of interfering in the 2016 presidential election. The Russian allegedly belonged to the APT 28 group, which hacked into computers of individuals and entities in the USA, stole documents and then disclosed them. Morgachev is also accused of identity theft and involvement in a money laundering conspiracy.

Now the Russian himself fell victim to hackers. The hack was carried out by the Ukrainian hacker group “Cyberresistance” operating since 2014. According to the portal, hackers broke into his e-mail. Thanks to this, they obtained scans of personal documents of the officer and his family members. Hackers have also reached to documents on the purchase of an apartment by Morgachev and vacation photos.

Sergei Morgachev a victim of Ukrainian hackers

According to, the obtained data clearly indicate that Morgachev led a group of hackers within the GRU. References were found in the man’s mail to to the platform used for cyberattacks. The disclosed information also shows that since August last year, the man has been working in the sanctioned company “Centrum Technologii Specjnych”, which produces military equipment.

The hackers did not stop at revealing Morgachev’s private information online. They also made purchases on AliExpress on his behalf. This includes items with FBI logos and a large batch of adult toys. Everything was paid for with the Russian’s card and sent to his address.


Source: Gazeta

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