The popular WhatsApp chat application always tries to stay up to date. As of April 1, a wide variety of smartphone models from different brands will no longer receive updates due to the outdated version of their operating systems.

This affects both Android (Samsung, LG, Huawei) and iOS (Apple) devices.

The multiplatform app is one of the most used worldwide and one of the channels through which files, audio, photos, videos and images are most often sent and received in various formats. In addition to the notorious and beneficial changes it has made for its social and business network, by allowing video calls and collective conversations.

To avoid setbacks and loss of information, WhatsApp, a Meta company, has recommended that users make backups to protect the information of chats and contacts. Once important data is protected, those affected should consider looking for another app or purchasing a new device.

List of mobile phones that will no longer have WhatsApp on April 1

Samsung phones

Huawei phones


LG phones

Other Android cell phones

Why is it an error to stop updating WhatsApp?

The folks at WhatsApp explain that in addition to launching new features for their app, their continuous updates are a tool to correct any security breach which can be exploited by cybercriminals who constantly use different methods to do so access the private information stored in the chats of your application’s users.