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Iwona Wieczorek has not been found.  Scammers take advantage of a tragic story

Iwona Wieczorek has not been found. Scammers take advantage of a tragic story

Iwona Wieczorek has not been found, although sensational articles informing about the discovery of a woman will appear on the Internet more and more often. Their authors are scammers who want to extort sensitive data from naive readers.

Despite the investigative activities, there is still no breakthrough in the case of the disappearance, which occurred on the night of July 16-17, 2010. However, there are reports about this in the media from time to time. The case has recently been due to research conducted in Sopot by divers or charges against PaweĊ‚ P., who played with Iwona at a party 13 years ago. Some of the articles reporting new facts in this case, however, are nothing more than emails used by scammers to swindle access to our accounts on social networking sites, e.g. on .

Iwona Wieczorek has not been found. Beware of scams

, a website dealing with the control and verification of fake news, described that scammers have recently started using this tragic story. “They spread sensational-sounding posts, illustrated with photos stolen from media publications, and dangerous links that should not be clicked lead to a page that is confusingly similar to the Wirtualna Polska website” – we read on the portal. These sensational-sounding posts may refer to, among others: finding a woman. “Who would have thought that they would find her there. What she had to go through is beyond belief” or “Nobody expected that she was there all the time. Only for people with strong nerves” – these are the untrue articles that cites the industry portal .

We also warn against entering links to unknown websites, even if they resemble well-known websites. Many times before accessing an article, photos, or videos, a login window appears. Officially, to confirm our age. In reality, however, scammers want to get sensitive data in this way. The demagogue mentions that the sites that distribute these fake news have, among others, addresses: NASZA-POLSKA24H.EU5.NET, WIADOMOSC-POLSKA24H.EU5.NET.

The plague of fake news about Iwona Wieczorek

We would like to remind you that there is a register of websites considered dangerous on the Internet. It is run by Poland – a team established to respond to security breaches in the network. Any attempts to find Iwona Wieczorek can also be reported to this organization, e.g.

Source: Gazeta

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