A 30-year-old nurse planned and tried liposuction herself. He died during the procedure.

Unfortunately, the dream of having a better figure cost her life. He has not measured the scope of such action.

The events took place in the facilities of the aesthetic clinic where he worked, located in Guadalajara, Morelos, Mexico.

According to the owner of the clinic, the woman reacted badly to the anesthesia placed.

Mother of three wanted to improve her body with liposuction and found her dead with a mistake in cosmetic surgery

How you tried to get liposuction

The nurse, whom they identified as Karina, waited for the afternoon of Thursday, March 23, 2023 to perform the liposuction.

According to Infobae, he took the tools and medications that were at the clinic where he worked to undergo the “lipo.”

At around 1:30 p.m. Thursday, relying on her experience as a nurse, she “considered she could perform the surgical process herself, without any medical supervision.”

That day, the clinic “was not in operation because the owner and surgeon were at a conference in Guadalajara, Jalisco.”

So Karina “took vials of anesthesia to get liposuction.”

A colleague said she heard Karina’s screams and went to help her, but it was too late because she was already dying, Excelsior published.

She described that “she had several medical instruments in her abdomen that she had placed herself.”

What the owner of the clinic said about the nurse

Rolando Samper, a physician and owner of the Samper Ángeles Clinic in Cuernavaca, said on Thursday that the nurse acted irresponsibly.

“One of my nurses irresponsibly and without my consent, in breach of trust, decided to have an ‘auto-liposuction’ and the result was that she died of drug poisoning,” he said.

He repeated that he was at a convention in Guadalajara.

That procedure, he claimed, was “not authorized by me,” according to Excelsior.

He explained that the nurse had gone into cardiac arrest as a result of the medication provided.

The authorities have taken note of the versions and will check if there was any kind of help for Karina to carry out the medical process.