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Samsung will release a Z-shaped smartphone

Samsung will release a Z-shaped smartphone

Insider: Samsung will introduce a smartphone with three folding screens

Samsung has announced a new foldable smartphone. This is reported by the publication Android Authority.

Journalists referred to the well-known insider Yogesh Brar, who declaredthat the Korean corporation is considering introducing such a device in 2023. The apparatus will have three screens interconnected by two hinges.

It is expected that the device can be used both folded and unfolded. According to the specialist, the Z-shape will allow you to change the display diagonal from compact to very large.

The journalists recalled that Samsung patented a similar form of folding display in 2020. Also earlier, the IT giant, which is the market leader in foldable smartphones, demonstrated the concept of a device with two hinges at various exhibitions.

According to experts, this form of display requires the company’s engineers to create strong hinges that would have an increased resource. The authors also suggested that the screen, which consists of three parts, is unnecessarily prone to wrinkling and scratching during active use.

In mid-March, authoritative insider Roland Quandt said that Google intends to introduce the first foldable smartphone. The American company may announce the device in June 2023.

Source: Lenta

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