If you are applying for a visa to the United States for the first time, you must complete an interview in Spanish with a consular officer, who will determine whether or not the document to enter North America is approved, based on your history and the information provided on your DS-160 form. .

The questions change depending on the case and the answers you start giving. All with the goal that your answers match the information you enter into the DS-160 application, as judged by Vive USA.

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FAQs for the United States Tourist Visa Interview

While every interview is different, there are questions that are commonly asked. Have an answer ready for those we list.

1. Where in the United States are you traveling to?

Name the state or city you will be visiting in the United States.

2. What is the purpose of your trip?

When you go on vacation, it suffices to say that you travel for “tourism”.

3. How long are you staying and when do you plan to leave?

The more specific this answer is, the better. Make sure your answer matches the time frame you recorded on the DS-160. Example: I’m leaving on July 5, I’m going for five days. I will return on July 10.

You do not need to have reservations or flight tickets. In fact, it’s best to book until you get the visa.

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The questions change depending on the case and the answers you start giving. Photo: media photos

4. Who do you travel with?

Name the person you listed on the form. They may ask your relationship.

5. Where do you work? How long have you been working there and what activities do you do?

Be specific with the name of the company and your seniority. State your position and the activities you do. This is how they notice that you have a permanent job and do not want to travel to the United States to continue working. You are much more likely to get a visa if you have a job.

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6. Who pays for your travel expenses?

If you’re paying for your trip say so, if someone else in your family wants to, make it clear.

7. Where are you staying?

Just give the name of the hotel. If you have more information about the street or county, please include it.

Try to be accurate in your answers. Do not try to explain the answers on the form further, as this will raise doubts in the consular officer’s mind. If done correctly, it guarantees that you will be approved to enter the United States. Photo: media photos

8. Do you have family in the United States?

This is one of the most complicated. The resulting questions change depending on the relatives’ immigration status and their history with the authorities. If your relative is a US citizen and has had no problems with the authorities, you can report it without any problem, but if they emigrated without documents, it is better not to mention it during the interview.

9. Have you been to or traveled to the United States before?

Tourist visa extenders may need to add the time period they visited the United States and the places they visited.

10. How much do you earn at work?

They want you to have enough money to travel. Include your monthly salary and you can bring proof of payment confirming the information.

They may also ask you other questions. Go through your form, speak truthfully and be clear. If you have no problems, the interview will be over in less than two minutes.