With the launch of the new Nissan X-Trail e-Power, the Japanese brand is taking the driving experience to a new level with Nissan’s exclusive e-Power technology, an electric motor that delivers a great driving experience.

Photo: John Sanchez Correa

Power, emotion, performance and an instant response to acceleration and braking are the characteristics that define the driving experience of this vehicle. America Latina brings one of the brand’s most iconic SUVs to the region, first to Colombia and then to Ecuador.

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Ecuadorian José Román, executive director of Nissan Mexico and Nissan Latin America, explains that the advantage of e-Power technology is the price at which customers can buy the vehicles. “Conventional electric cars are normally very expensive, making them almost unaffordable for our markets.” Román adds that according to the tests carried out, the new X-Trail is suitable for cities such as Guayaquil and Quito with high traffic, but is also ideal for long journeys thanks to its autonomy of about 900 km.

At Nissan, we plan to electrify 50% of the global portfolio by 2030. The e-Power solution is perfectly adapted to the Latin American geography due to the scarcity of charging stations to charge a normal electric vehicle.

José Román, President and CEO of Nissan Mexico and Nissan Importers Business Unit (NIBU).

José Román, President and CEO of Nissan Mexico and Nissan Importers Business Unit (NIBU). Photo: John Sanchez Correa


The X-Trail e-Power integrates two electric motors delivering 187 horsepower and 243 lb/ft of torque, ensuring the vehicle is propelled at all times and responsive from the moment it is started. the accelerator. This model also includes technologies such as e-4ORCE, an advanced all-wheel drive system, which allows to control the power delivered by the engine and provide greater control and stability of the vehicle, whatever the conditions or road type; and e-Pedal Step, which uses load resistance to slow the vehicle down by reducing brake pedal use; This system in turn allows the battery to be charged.

Photo: Walter Gomez Urrego

“With Nissan X-Trail e-Power, we are taking electric driving to a new level, not only as a result of the unique electric powertrain of our e-Power technology, but also thanks to carefully curated elements designed into this vehicle, such as the insulation of the cabin and the pack of Nissan Intelligent Mobility technologies it integrates, making it a vehicle capable of providing all the excitement of driving an electric car, with maximum safety and autonomy on every journey.” said Rodrigo Centeno, Nissan senior marketing director.

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The driving

Nissan X-Trail e-Power has seven driving modes for a better experience, adapted to the driver’s preferences and the needs of each journey:

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What is Nissan ePower?

It is an innovative technology for the region. With this system, the car is not dependent on cables or electric charging stations during the journey.

Photo: Courtesy of Nissan

“At Nissan, we pioneered the development of electric vehicles to take people to a better, zero-emissions world, as we did with the LEAF. Now the e-Power system has come to change the rules of how we understood electric mobility, as it offers a completely new alternative in which vehicle autonomy and having electric charging centers are no longer a constraint,” said Centeno.