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Five mistakes we make when charging the cell phone battery

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Battery care is important to increase the life of your devices.

As well as taking care that the cell phone is not damaged, importance must also be given to the battery of the devices. Since it is the most important and essential component of any smartphone, regardless of its price.

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Although it seems that the battery of a cell phone does not have any problem and that it still has enough useful life, there may be some mistakes that can damage it.

Letting the battery drain completely

This is something that many people do on a daily basis, but it is not correct. All cell phone batteries have a number of charge cycles, if the device reaches 0% battery, these cycles finish much faster and the useful life reduces.

Using the cell phone while charging it

Using the phone while it is charging makes the process take longer, so the cell phone can heat up and decrease battery life.

Charge the cell phone with generic chargers

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These chargers can be more powerful than what the device requires or weaker and not reach the required amount of watts. The phone requires an original and suitable charger.

Charge it overnight

When the cell phone is charged overnight, it stays connected for more than 4 or 5 hours and can become overheated. This can damage the life of the battery.

Charge it to 100%

Letting your cell phone charge up to 100% reduces charging cycles. (I)

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