Artificial intelligence (AI) inadvertently takes up places in our lives that have become indispensable to us.

It is worth noting that artificial intelligence is emerging as one of the branches of computer science combined with fields of logic and cognitive sciences.

The development of this technology has been applied for quite some time in many areas within the company and even in our daily lives. Every part of society is suitable for using AI, as assessed by INESDI.

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Today, artificial intelligence is used in things like natural language processing, the automation of industrial processes, or even content selection.

The different types of AI are already part of all kinds of processes. Many of the everyday tasks we perform have taken on some form of artificial intelligence, and while we may find it distracting or impossible, we’d miss it if it went away.

Five everyday examples of artificial intelligence

1. Voice assistants

Every time we ask our smartphone something and the voice assistant answers us with what we need, we use artificial intelligence. According to a Nielsen survey, 24% of homes in the United States already have a smart speaker.

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2. Smart cars

Our cars can already detect if we are tired, help us park, connect fuel-saving systems or warn us of dangers that we could not predict.

The development of the self-driving car is already a fact and within a short time they will be in circulation like any other vehicle.

The FF 91, an autonomous car superior to Tesla, currently dominating the market.

3. Navigators and Maps

We are still in the world of cars when we talk about browsers, systems that we use both indoors and in other circumstances.

Thanks to Artificial Intelligence, it is possible to calculate more efficient routes, save driving time and improve safety.

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The digital mapping and navigation service Google Maps announced on Monday the introduction of a series of additional tools.

4. Home automation, AI in the house

Today it is possible to make many home improvements that make our lives easier. There are people who enter their homes without using keys and who turn on the light by means of a light command or by entering a room simply by their presence.

In a short time, the development of artificial intelligence has ensured that washing machines program themselves, that no human is needed to operate or that refrigerators let us know which purchases we need.

Household items include washing machines that can be activated from the office at a time when the user believes energy costs are more favorable to their wallet.

5. Medical applications

Many hospitals have developed tools with Artificial Intelligence. It is a way to optimize and improve work in health centers. Thanks to this technology, the machines work in harmony with the doctors themselves.

To have all these benefits for medical applications, you must download the application from the App Store or Google Play (Play Store).

Innovation has succeeded in improving the “clinical eye” of healthcare workers, participating in surgical operations and generating much more accurate results.