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The Russians were told about the disposal of old gadgets

The Russians were told about the disposal of old gadgets

RT: analyst Murtazin said that the old gadget can be sold on the secondary market

Eldar Murtazin, a leading analyst at the Mobile Research Group agency, told RT how to dispose of old gadgets.

According to Murtazin, the old device can be given to children, relatives or sold on the secondary market. There are also programs for the delivery of the device, so you can get a discount on a new one. The specialist stressed that large cities collect electronics and large household appliances.

“And the easiest way is recycling. Today, large electronics stores have special bins where you can donate this or that electronics, ”the analyst noted.

Earlier, an expert in the field of IT technologies, tech blogger Viktor Smirnov spoke about the inexpediency of repairing wireless headphones. In addition, the repair of wireless in-ear headphones will be expensive. It will not be possible to buy spare parts for such a gadget, Smirnov noted.

Source: Lenta

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